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Amorphous Brazing Alloy 

Amorphous brazing material is a new type of material which is different from conventional crystal brazing material at present. Crystal arrangement has the characteristics of long-range disorder and short-range orderly structure, which makes it have many excellent performances: the rapid quenching process of foil spraying makes the metal crystal nucleus freeze rapidly, avoids the segregation of grain coarsening components, and makes the composition very uniform; thus the product has good shape, good toughness, narrow welding temperature range and high welding strength.

The main amorphous solders produced by our company are copper-based amorphous solders and nickel-based amorphous solders.


Copper-based amorphous filler metals are generally 0.05 mm thick. They have the advantages of low melting point and good fluidity. They are very suitable for brazing copper and copper alloys, silver and silver alloys.


Nickel-based amorphous filler metal is 0.03-0.05 mm thick and has good high temperature strength and oxidation resistance. It is suitable for brazing stainless steel, carbon steel and ceramics.