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20% silver brazing alloy with cadmium

Factory Name:HZ-Ag20C
AWS 5.8:-
EN1044: AG309
SOLIDUS :605 ℃
$ 145.00

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  • Quick Details  
    Place of Origin: Anhui, China  Brand Name: HUAZHONG
    Model Number: HZ-Ag20C Material: Silver-Copper-Zin-Cd Alloy
    Operating Temperature: 605-765      Operating Current: International Standard                                                                                                          
    Application: copper alloy, stainless steel Welding Current: International Standard
    Product Name: Silver Brazing Alloy With Cadmium Type: Manufaturer Bar Solder Stick
    Usages: Welding Tool   Advantage: Low Cost



    Packing Details
    1kg/bag 20kg/carton 1000kg/pallet
    2kg/bag 20kg/carton 1000kg/pallet
    International Export Packing 
    As your request


    Technical Sheet          
    HZ. NO EN1044 AWS 5.8 DIN8513 Melting Range Chemical Composition    
    HZ-Ag20C             AG309 - L-Ag20Cd       605-765℃ Ag:20%  Cu:40% Zn:25% Cd:15%



    Product Description

    HZ-Ag20Cd is a general purpose, cadmium-bearing, silver brazing alloy, with high melting point and very wide melting range. It can be used to join ferrous, non ferrous and dissimilar metals and alloys, such as steel, copper, copper alloys.




    Due to its very wide melting range, this alloy is mostly used for brazing large and/or not uniform joints. Brazing procedures include manual, induction, oven techniques. When brazing in an oxidizing environment a proper flux should be use.





    • Diameter
    • Length
    • Package
      10/bag, 500/wooden case
    • Type
      TIG rod