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HZ-S226 Brass brazing alloy

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  • Quick Details    
    Place of Origin:Anhui China Item Name:Brass welding filler rod zinc welding alloy HS226 brazing alloy  
    Brand Name:HUAZHONG Keywordrod:brass welding rod  
    Model Number:RBCuZn-B Famous customer:Gree / Midea / LG / Haier / Carrier etc.  
    Material:Copper / Copper Alloy Certification:SGS / ROHS / ISO9001:2008 / ISO900014001:2004  
    Operating Temperature:Standard temperature Advantage:Excellent ductility, smooth incision  
    Operating Current:130-220A Usages:brazing alloy tool hardness and saw blade  
    Application:brazing copper ,stainless steel ect Welding Current:International standard  




    Packing Details
    5kg/Blue plastic film 500kg/wooden case or 1000kg/pallet

    10kg/Blue plastic film 500kg/wooden case or 1000kg/pallet

    International Export Standard

    As your request



    Technical Sheet

    HZ. NO EN1044 AWS 5.8 DIN8513 Melting Range
    HZ-S226            SCu6800 RBCuZn-B        - 866-882
    Chemical Composition    
    Cu 56-60%   Zn Rem%   Sn0.75-1.1%   Si 0.04-0.2%    Fe0.75%   Mn0.01-0.5%   Ni 0.2-0.8%   Other0.5%


    Product Description

    Bronze alloys with nickel as the main alloying element also contain a small amount of other trace elements such as iron, iron, manganese, manganese, silicon and silicon. They are often used to weld copper-nickel alloys with good seawater corrosion resistance.



    A superior alternative within the RBCuZn family. Higher joint strength, better color match with stainless steel and cast iron, and easy machinability of the weld fillet. Often offers a low cost alternative to silver brazing of steels.