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HZ-S223 Brass brazing alloy

 It can also be used to make products of various shapes such as ring wire, straight rod, welding sheet, various rings, particles, powder, paste and so on.
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    Anhui Huazhong Welding Materials Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

    Anhui Huazhong Welding Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd is established in 2004, and located in Hefei--the central City of Anhui Province. We are specialized in manufacturing and producing brazing materials. Our main products include silver-based brazing filler metal, copper-based brazing filler metal, aluminum-based brazing filler metal and associated brazing flux, flux-cored welding wire etc. Our brazing flux products include: silver welding paste, silver welding powder, copper welding paste, copper welding powder, aluminum welding paste, aluminum welding powder, spot welding paste (water), etc. The available shape of brazing alloys are rod, ring, sheet, strip, wire etc.

    Product Description

    Alloy generally applied on steel,nickel and their alloy.They can be used with all brazing processes including flame,provided they are slightly reducing.Not suitable for furnace brazing in a controlled atmosphere.We recommend avoiding strong overheating during the brazing procedure in order to avoid zinc evaporation.



    Detailed Images

    加Logo-rod-brass-weld-HS221-HS226-RBCuZn-A-RBCu60ZnSn-A-copper-zinc-wire-2mm-brazing-alloy-welding-China-braze-flame-furnace-induction-bicycle-frames-7 加Logo-rod-brass-weld-HS221-HS226-RBCuZn-A-RBCu60ZnSn-A-copper-zinc-wire-2mm-brazing-alloy-welding-China-braze-flame-furnace-induction-bicycle-frames-4加Logo-rod-brass-weld-HS221-HS226-RBCuZn-A-RBCu60ZnSn-A-copper-zinc-wire-2mm-brazing-alloy-welding-China-braze-flame-furnace-induction-bicycle-frames-5 

    Packing Details


    • Diameter
    • Length
    • Package
      10/bag, 500/wooden case
    • Type
      TIG rod