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HZ-Al12 Aluminum/Aluminum Flux Cored Brazing Alloy

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  • Quick Details

    Place of Origin: Anhui, China                                                               Brand Name: HUAZHONG

    Model Number: HZ-Al12                                                                     Standard Code: -

    Operating Temperature: 577-582℃                                                    Certification: ISO9001

    Material: Aluminum / Aluminum Alloy                                                 Size Specification: 1.6-5.0mm dia; 500mm length

    Welding Type: Flame Welding / Induction Welding                            Free Sample: Available

    Forms: •rod•wire•strip•rings•paste•powder•proforms•particle


    Packing Details
    5 kg/bag, 10 kg/carton, 500 kg/pallet

    2 kg/bag, 20 kg/carton, 500 kg/pallet

    International Export Packing


    Technical Sheet
       HZ. NO          EN1044       AWS 5.8     DIN8513          Melting Range         Chemical Composition          Flux 10%
       HZ-Al12               -                    -                 -                    577-582℃              Aluminum:88%, Silicon:12%    K3AIF6-KAIF4


    Product Description

    According to the differences of the chemical composition, it could be divided into aluminum to aluminum brazing flux cored wire, copper to aluminum brazing flux cored wire, silver brazing flux cored wire.
    Different from brazing wires with seam, the flux inside of the seamless brazing wire is more uniform and evenly distributed.
    It will not lead to powder breakage or leakage, could perfect the brazing effect.
    Providing even and full connection during the brazing operation, higher strength, friendly environmental, good moisture resistance, stable brazing performance, ect.
    It can also be further processed into various brazing rings, prefabricated rings and other products.
    Besides wire, it could also be shaped into rings, rod, thin strip, ect.
    Suitable for flame brazing, high frequency brazing, furnace brazing and other processes.



    Newly developed filler metal, can instead of ER4047 aluminum welding wire, without adding any flux during the brazing process. It meets the demand of automatic.

    • Diameter
    • Length
    • Package
      10/bag, 500/wooden case
    • Type
      TIG rod
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