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HZ-QJ201 Aluminum Solder Flux Brazing Powder

AWS 5.31: FB1-A
EN 1045: F-L10
DIN 8511: F-LH1
It used for aluminum and aluminum alloy brazing , suitable for manual flame brazing,High frequency machine brazing.
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  • Quick Details

    Place of Origin: Anhui, China                                                         Brand Name: HUAZHONG

    Model Number: HZ-QJ201                                                             Material: LICL, KCL, NaCl, ZnCl

    Operating Temperature: 560℃-610℃                                           Operating Current: International Standard

    Application: Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy                   Welding Current: International Standard

    Product Name: Aluminum Solder Flux Powder                             Type: Flux Powder

    Usages: Aluminum to Aluminum Alloy Brazing                             Advantage: Low Melting Temperature


    Packing Details
    50 g/bottle, 120 pcs/carton

    227 g/bottle, 30 pcs/carton

    500 g/bottle, 20 pcs/carton

    International Export Packing


    Technical Sheet
    HZ. NO       EN1045   AWS 5.8   DIN8513   Melting Range    Chemical Composition
    HZ-QJ201    F-L10       FB1-A          F-LH1         560-610℃             LICL, KCL, NaCl, ZnCl


    Product Description

    Soldering fluxes are chemical compounds applied to the joint surfaces before brazing, can be classified as corrosive, intermediate or non-corrosive.
    Such as: silver soldering flux powder/ paste, aluminum soldering flux powder/ paste, copper soldering flux powder/ paste.
    They are all essential to use in the whole process of brazing/soldering operation.
    Heating a metal surface accelerates the formation of oxides, the result of chemical combination between the hot metal and oxygen in the air.
    This oxide layer has to be removed before brazing, and the formation of a new oxide layer has to be prevented or they will inhibit the filler metal from wetting and bonding to the surfaces.
    Brazing Fluxes play a vital role in virtually all air brazing processes.
    Use of the wrong flux or a poor application technique can have a dramatic effect on joint quality.



    For the brazing of aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to aluminum alloy ect.